childhood reverb

As children we see the possibilities, the grandeur, and the uncertainty of the world. The impossible is possible. Amplification gives us meaning and hope and fear; pushed to think, to dream. We make the mundane extraordinary, unaware of the psychic dismantling ahead. But, that world - that wonder - sometimes echoes back to us; and sometimes we listen.

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blackwell's tower // included in "Rabbit Hole" exhibit at Art St. Louis Gallery
the witching hour of spitalfields 
the architect's dragon
the solipsist's world (1/3) // i shut my eyes
the solipsist's world (2/3) // i lift my eyelids
the solipsist's world (3/3) // sylvia's fortress
the haunted towers i 
the haunted towers ii 
east end requiem 
the tower of winter

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